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End Of Year Feature: Top 10 Music Videos of 2020

Written by: Jen Dan

1. Too Many T’s – This Eart Is F**ked

This British fast ‘n’ snappy hip-hop duo tackle the Earth’s problems in one go, with us humans basically causing all of the destruction… *sigh*…

2. Gjon’s Tears – Répondez-moi 

Breakout Swiss pop star who should go far, especially with this keening and questioning number (sung in French) as his calling card.

3. SRSQ – Temporal Love

Kennedy Ashlyn delivers a poignant and nostalgic message about the ephemeral nature of love.

4. Liar, Flower – My Brain Is Lit Like An Airport

Katiejane Garside (Daisy Chainsaw, Queen Adreena, Ruby Throat) and her life/music partner Chris Whittingham (Ruby Throat) freak out on a super-charged noise rocker.

5. Ultrviolence – Self Care

Canadian Nate Jespersen buoys the spirits with an exhilaratingly uplifting song and fun video.

6. Gunship – The Drone Racers

This remier synthwave outfit rides the retro-’80s crest with an edited version of their tune The Drone Racing Club accompanied by a video chock full of ’80s action figures (The Terminator, Predator, He-Man, and more!).

7. Ramsey – Home To You

Always dramatic and sensual, this atmospheric pop artist beguiles with her crestfallen cries and innate allure.

8. State To State – Bye Bye

Hand-drawn animation and a mysterious plotline with a jump into the unknown fuels this emotive alt-rock burner.

9. Psychedelic P*rn Crumpets – Mr Prism

This video from these Australian alt-rockers gets pretty grisly as it turns from fairytale to nightmare, but it’s done in fantasy-animation form and is tied to the storyline.

10. Billie Eillish – my future

It’s Billie Eillish. Enough said… :)

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