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Aussie Duo Dayliites (PACES and Cloe) Unveil A Lovely, Yet Bittersweet Number

Dayliites · Goodbyes

Australian duo Dayliites (Gold Coast-located producer PACES and rising singer Cloe) continue to perfect their brand of bedroom pop on a lovely new single.

Goodbyes offers a sweet perspective on break-ups that appreciates the memories along the way.

PACES explains, “This instrumental is actually what started the whole Dayliites project. I’d just arrived home from a writing trip in LA and I had a bunch of vocals to use for new Paces songs, but I was in a bit of a rut musically. As an experiment I tried making a track that was totally different to any of my other songs. Something lofi with really cheap-sounding computer guitar sounds and a crusty drum machine (I was into very polished ‘expensive’ sounds at the time lol), but also try to make it sound beautiful.”

Cloe adds, Goodbyes is a bittersweet track that was lots of fun to write and record – and even more fun to listen back on. There’s lots of melodies in there that we fell in love with and it’s got a really great message. To me it says two people can part ways and still say “thanks for all the great memories” or “I’ve still got your back”. I think it looks at things from a different perspective – breakups don’t always have to be savage; this song advocates for celebrating and reflecting on the good times.”

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