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Singer-Songwriter LJ Benet Impresses On Soulful Debut Single

LJ Benet · Anxiously Waiting

Los Angeles singer-songwriter LJ Benet makes an impressive entrance to the music scene with his debut single. 

Anxiously Waiting is a soulful slice of electro-R&B that positions his excellent voice and introspective lyrical musings at the forefront.

LJ Benet gets vulnerable and explains, “I don’t want to be the artist that pretends to know what you’re going through. I’m 23 living with my parents trying to figure out how I’m going to do this thing called life. I love music and I won’t let it be tainted by a TV show I was on when I was 16. Maybe that’s what you know me for, but I want you to understand that what I feel is real. I don’t want to show my face so much because while growing up, so much was about my face, how I cut my hair, my skin, my weight..I don’t want to be ‘LJ Benet’ and that’s why you should care, I just want to be the person that wrote song that made you feel like you weren’t alone anymore. That you heard something, and for a moment, you paused and thought that for once there was another human that understood what you were going through. I don’t need to be famous to make music, I just know there’s people out there that don’t feel heard and understood and that’s enough.”

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