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Pop Singer-Songwriter Shihori Releases Another Heartfelt & Engaging Single

Written by: Jen Dan

New York-based Japanese pop singer-songwriter Shihori has had to travel a long and rocky road to get to where she is now. She’s faced many challenges in her life, including physical issues and strict societal norms.

But Shihori has persevered in becoming a musical artist who hit it big in Japan and is now making a name for herself in the U.S.

Shihori’s music is about healing and moving forward; something that resonates with anyone who has had to overcome obstacles placed in the way of their dreams.

I Cover You is the latest engaging single from Shihori. It’s a heartfelt piano ballad about self-care amid the world’s chaos and judgmental society.

The track, which was inspired by the classical composition Elegy no. 1 for Double Bass and Piano composed by Giovanni Bottesini, follows up two previous singles that also dealt with self-compassion, and it caps off this series of songs that are close to her heart.

Shihori comments, “Listen to yourself, accept and sympathize with the voice from your inner self – Take care of yourself. I hope these songs help somebody’s life along during this chaotic time, but even if not in such a weird time, I believe ‘self-compassion’ is very important for achieving ‘WORLD PEACE.’Because the world is [made up of] individuals.”

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