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Music Producer Kasi Opi Drops A Bittersweet Debut Electro-PopTune Ft. Nevve

kasi opi · Rain (feat. Nevve)

Atlanta-based producer Kasi Opi has revealed an ultra-impressive debut single featuring Nevve.

Rain is a bittersweet electro-pop romp with an irresistible hook that wonderfully anchors the track as a whole.

Raised in small-town Texas, Kasi Opi tapped into his childhood piano lessons and began writing his own compositions in 2018 while enthralled by the allure of dance music.

Now dabbling in a range of genres, including indie pop, electronic, and R&B, his sound has evolved into a singular approach that he’s finally prepared to display.

Priding himself as a “one man project,” he looks to hold his own as a multi-dimensional creative, manifesting his artistry in an audiovisual experience that complements his carefully crafted sonic universe.

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