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Folk-tronica Artist Metaspion Drops A Stylistically Wild Hybrid Album

Written by: Jen Dan

Norwegian folk-electronica artist Morten Richter records under the moniker Metaspion, and as the start of the name suggests, Richter spins a stylistically hybrid sound that digs deeply into Nordic folk, electronica, pop, and even rap.

The exploratory musician dropped his dynamic and complex mainly instrumental (with some sound/vocal samples scattered throughout, like on What Happened?) album, titled Cryptomeduza, at the end of October via Push Records.

The LP is a wild and intriguing mix of music genres that are sometimes represented all in one song. The title track is a country-folk hoedown, while Push is a menacing trap-rap and Havella is up-tempo electro-pop.

Richter comments, “It’s been a joy making this record. On this album I have continued to make Nordic folk-inspired themes over dark… electronic beats. Creating sounds from scratch that blends well with the medieval instruments has been interesting.”

“The raw power of Nordic folk music has a special connection with the electronic music. I think they blend together well and complement each other…”

“I’ve practiced to express emotions without words. There’s a fair amount of vocals on the record, but not so many actual words.”

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