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Electronic Pop Artist & Activist David Thompson Drops A Socially Relevant EP

Written by: Jen Dan

Philadelphia-based social activist and electronic pop artist David Thompson recently released his culturally relevant EP, entitled The Wall.

Thompson had previously been known in the Philly music scene for being part of the outfit Big Tusk. He took a break from making music in 2014 and focused his attention on social concerns, organizing with other tenants and workers to form Philly Tenants Union and Philly Workers for Dignity.

He was drawn back into the music field in 2017 and released Into the Night. Since then, the world has undergone much upheaval in general, mostly in this year 2020 with the pandemic slamdown.

Thompson wrote most of the songs before this catastrophic event, but ended up finishing the EP during the subsequent self-isolating time period. His trenchant observations of humanity at the individual and societal level inform every track, while the sonics are a catchy and upbeat contrast. “

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