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Classic Rock ‘N’ Roll Project Red Skies Mourning Unveils A Heartfelt New Track

Written by: Jen Dan

Maryland-based classic/alternative rock act Red Skies Mourning is actually the project of one-man-band Chris Aleshire.

Aleshire just released his debut single, Signs From You, this past Friday, and it showcases his heartfelt, yet direct rock ‘n’ roll sound.

The lyrics of Signs From You are as tumultuous and focus on the loss of friends and other relations who may not be in the picture anymore for various reasons, including due to suicide.

Aleshire explains that the meaning of his new song’s lyrics, “…extends to the friends that I’ve personally lost… we think in the moment sometimes about ourselves and never see the signs from friends in need.”

While the lyrics are stark, the overall motive behind the composition is a positive one; to hold on to the ones we love and let them know we cherish them.

It’s easy to get distracted and stressed out by the daily grind, but you need to remind yourself to pay attention to those around you and connect with them when you can.

Aleshire is actually a not a newbie on the music scene, but a seasoned musician who has been in several hardcore bands (Carved In Stone, Erase The Past and Taken By Force) and has performed in national and international venues.

For Red Skies Mourning, Aleshire is working with JR Richards (arrangement, backing vocals), Jeff Kanan (production, mixing), and studio musicians Ryan Elwood (drums) and Andreas Landeck (guitar, bass). Aleshire’s debut EP, Misguided By Fate, will arrive in 2021.

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