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Americana Band Idiot Grins Give An Innovative Twist With A Cover Album Of A Louvin Brothers’ Classic

Written by: Jen Dan

Oakland, California-located alt-country/Americana band Idiot Grins make a bold musical stand with their latest album that came out on November 6th via Snug Harbor.

Instead of offering original songs on Thoughts & Prayers they’ve whipped up a track-by-track cover LP of the Louvin Brothers’ classic religion-steeped record Satan Is Real, which came out way back in 1959.

Thoughts & Prayers is the outfit’s 4th full length and they take the music seriously, even though the source material isn’t their own. The songs are sincere, heartfelt, and harmonious – and hark back to a bygone era, but one that shouldn’t be swept under the carpet.

History, musical or otherwise, is something to reflect upon and learn from because much of went on before ends up cycling through again, for better or worse.

Mike Conner (piano, organ), Evan Eustis (bass, mandolin, vocals), John Hansen (vocals), Michael Melgoza (drums), and Randy Strauss (guitars) capture the core of the Louvin Brothers’ storytelling gospel-, revival, and bluegrass-based compositions, keeping the old-school, upbeat instrumentation, lyrics about suffering and salvation, and earnestly pleading or joyous vocals intact.

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