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American Music Producer Super Duper Drops A Catchy & Compelling Electro-Pop Album

Super Duper · HALLELUJAH!

Nashville-producer Super Duper has finally delivered upon a year of hype with his brilliant debut album, HALLELUJAH!

Featuring a mixture of beloved singles and brand new tracks, the record is an expansive electro-pop journey that’s compelling from start to finish. 

Super Duper explains,HALLELUJAH! is a collection of songs with joy and optimism at their center. There are some introspective moments, but the musical landscape was designed to keep your head up and above the clouds.

I focused on pulling inspiration and emotion from my childhood with the ’90s-influenced sounds, but reinterpreting them in a modern way. The album is a soundtrack to look forward to better times ahead and fondly remember memories of the past.”

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