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News: Singer-Songwriter Cassidy Unveils An Emotive Indie Pop Track

CassidyThe Devil

Written by: Jen Dan

Berlin-based (by way of Canada) singer-songwriter Cassidy is making her mark with her deeply emotive music that resonates with personal themes of crisis and loss.

Cassidy recently unveiled her latest single The Devil, an intimate and powerful song that delves into the theme of lost love.

She surrounds her stark and perceptive lyrics and passionate vocals with catchy melodies and engaging sounds and rhythms. The Devil follows up Cassidy’s debut tunes Sex and Wine and Lying. The autobiographical track wrestles with the emotional tumult experienced after heartbreak.

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One response to “News: Singer-Songwriter Cassidy Unveils An Emotive Indie Pop Track”

  1. Grant robertson says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I know how hard she has worked on her lyrics and music since she was five years old. A great daughter who I am so proud of.

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