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News: Nashaat Salman Teams Up With John Lee Sanders For Positive-Vibed Pop/Electronic Track

Written by: Jen Dan

Switzerland-located producer and musician Nashaat Salman has joined forces with Emmy-nominated composer and singer John Lee Sanders for an electronic/pop hybrid track called Live It All My Way.

The song carries a positive message of self-empowerment; to make good changes to yourself to help you get the most out of life.

Live It All My Way dropped in mid-September with an upbeat electronic bounce and catchy, but plaintive vocals from Sanders. It’s that contrast that is intriguing as the peppy electronics are pitted against Sander’s more reflective and melancholic tone.

The song is a plea to break out of the 24/7 work rut and focus on the meaning of life, which Salman says is, “giving love, being loved, free [your] mind and [your] soul…”

Live It All My Way on Spotify

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