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News: Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter Lara Taubman Releases A Deeply Personal & Healing LP

Written by: Jen Dan

New York-located (but originally from Virginia) indie folk/Americana singer-songwriter Lara Taubman released a reflective, but captivating album this past summer.

Titled Revelation, the LP is a soul-searching and self-empowering record that reveals the strength of the human spirit, especially in times of trouble.

Taubman actually trekked from her New York environs to Wolf Island in Canada to record this full length. She created Revelation under the wing of Wolfe Island Records’ founder and producer Hugh Christopher Brown.

Taubman allowed vulnerable emotions and lyrics to surface and crafted a sincere and heartfelt batch of songs. It was a cathartic experience for her, and now listeners also get to follow her on the personal journey… and heal their own wounds as well.

The artist reveals, “Music always saved me. Now I hope to return the favor.”

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