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News: Alternative Music Artist Seul Drops A Quirky Electro-Pop Track Dealing With Lockdown Isolation

Written by: Jen Dan

Brooklyn-located alternative music artist Seul (the word means “alone” in French) is readying to release his debut EP. Ahead of the drop, Seul has bowed two tracks from the record, Loser and Nostalgia.

Seul actually came into being during the pandemic and is a representation of what it is to be isolated and on your own during a catastrophic event/time period.

Everyone can relate to dealing with strong emotions during lockdown and Seul captures some of that manic feeling in the lyrics and mood of Loser.

The funky sonics may have a choppy bounce, with quickly ticking percussion and New Wave synth sparkle, but the casually downer attitude reflects unrest and uncertainty of a world turned upside down.

Seul reveals that during lockdown in NYC, I was very alone and all the people I usually collaborate with or depend on where not available. So I got this inspiration to do it alone. Fortunately this has been an emotional but musically rich time for me. I’m very fortunate that I can play a lot of instruments.”

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