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Indie Pop Outfit Nada Robot Deliver A Reflective, Yet Vibrant ‘80s Throwback Track

Nada Robotdecember (1999)

Written by: Jen Dan

Like their name suggests, indie pop outfit Nada Robot are not cold and mechanical, but warm and engaging.

Formed from husband-and-wife team Addam and Mia Farmer, and brothers Heath and Austin Farmer (of notable indie rock band Island Apollo), effusive musical compositions flow through their collective veins.

Nada Robot’s debut single Got It Good is a dynamic alt-rock/funk hybrid, and the group have now followed it up with second single December 1999.

While the new tune may be more reflective in nature, there’s still a strong rhythmic component and ‘80s vibe to get listener moving on the dancefloor (or just dancing around in their room).

Mia Farmer’s rich vocals dig deeply into the days before Y2K, when everyone thought that the world, or at least their computers, would cease to be…

She’s buoyed by airy tiered harmonies, a slinky bass line groove, bright keyboard notes, fluid guitar reverberation, and a crisp drum beat.


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