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Electronic Music Artist & Global Traveler Malvae Supports The Rainforests On Stunning New Tune

Malvae · Slash & Burn (feat. MAY BBY)

Dutch music producer Malvae is building toward an LP centered around the Amazon Rainforest with another hypnotic single.

Slash & Burn is a gritty and rhythmic track that warps through the low-end of its atmosphere while MAY BBY provides an excellent foil with her sweetly airy vocals.

Malvae explains that Slash & Burn “…implements the feelings of fires burning, beauty meeting chaos, making sense of the destruction. The realization that anything can disappear or appear in a second. When MAY BBY and I met for our session we still had 10 minutes left after recording another song. I showed her this idea, and this became the track instead of the one we intended. Building further on that idea of how things can appear and disappear just like that.”

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