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Country-Folk/Rock Outfit Doc Straw & The Scarecrows Offer Up a Tuneful Single

Doc Straw & the ScarecrowsGet On By

Written by: Jen Dan

Virginian country/rock/folk band Doc Straw & the Scarecrows show off their Southern roots on their latest single Get On By.

Founded by singer-songwriter Mike Straw (rhythm guitar, drums, harmonica), the outfit is also composed of Vaughn Thomas (lead guitar), Shelton Sprouse (bass), and Taylor Bess (keyboards).

The Southern rock ‘n’ roll act go for a laid-back, yet bright vibe on their latest single, utilizing vibrant and flowing acoustic and electric instrumentation and easy-going, yet still emotive vocals.

The reflective lyrics speak to appreciating what you have now in your life, to learn from experiences, and to keep going on even in the face of misfortunes and obligations.

Straw comments, “I wrote this song after getting off of a 3-hour long phone conversation with my sister, Jessica, and a lot of our conversation that evening  centered around some of the tougher things in life and how we were dealing with these struggles. If a person lives long enough then at some point they will experience these trying seasons. I’ve learned that it’s important to pay attention during those times because that is when we have some of the best opportunities to grow.”

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