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News: Multi-Talented Artist Nicolosi Drops His New Indie Electro-Pop EP

NICOLOSI · Everywhere But Here

Chicago-born vocalist and producer Nicolosi recently released his impressive debut Everywhere But Here EP.

Its accompanying single Dinosaurs is an intensely catchy electro-pop cut with hints of R&B laced through its core.

Nicolosi explains his EP, “is an exercise in escapism. These songs were written at a time when I was constantly trying to escape myself, using different things as crutches to get through my daily life. I couldn’t face the paradox of extreme joy and sadness that comes with waking up every day, knowing that one day it will all end. One day I will watch the sunset for the very last time and my consciousness will abandon my body for the next chapter in the universal narrative. The infinite beauty of birth and death – I’m enamored by it. Now I might seem super-serious and you might be thinking, “Okay, but this guy has some really lighthearted songs – why is he trying to be so deep?” Humor, joy, frustration, sadness – it’s all part of the story. Levity is the most powerful tool we have.”

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