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News: Enigmatic Music Collective Calivania Sink Their Teeth Into A Vampiric Single

Calivania · Black Velvet & Chrome

Anonymous vampire collective Calivania continue to mystify on a gritty second single that further establishes their bloody intriguing universe.

Black Velvet & Chrome is a genreless stunner that blends influences from trap and rock into a modern vision that was originally established on DOOM.

Calivania call their death* a choice. What we consider life could be hardly living. To them, death* is a metaphor for shedding unfulfilled, indecisive, monotonous existence and embarking upon a spiritual transformation.

Just as the vampire renounces the mortal realm and is reborn stronger, faster, smarter, so too does Calivania die*, killing insecurities, fears, and doubts to become better versions of themselves…

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