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News: Electronic/Pop Producer Super Duper Drops Vibrant Double Single

Super Duper · We Had Everything

Nashville-based electronic/pop producer Super Duper continues to amaze on a brand new double single.

We Had Everything / Pasadena finds him at his most creative, delivering a celebratory lead track while the flip side offers an equally uplifting complement. 

Super Duper explains, We Had Everything is a special song that evolved quite a bit from the demo. It was originally a laid-back dance song with just a female vocal. I always loved the choru,s but felt like it could use some more upbeat production. I reworked it and asked a few other singers to join the song. So now it goes from Lonas singing to a gang vocal to Bre Kennedy on the chorus. It’s a little bit of a mixed bag, but just works! The talking on the chorus is actually audio from behind the scenes footage while we were working on the song, which felt like a nice cherry on top.”

Super Duper · Pasadena

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