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Written by: Jen Dan

New York-based Japanese singer-songwriter/musician Shihori has had to endure so much trauma in her life, from being pushed to fix her supposed flaws (child dwarfism, left-ear deafness, and more), to fitting into a restrictive society and music industry, to domestic abuse and kidnapping.

Despite life’s challenges she has risen above and followed her vision of becoming a music artist – and accepted herself. As Shihori puts it, “…I was bullied… because I was very different from other kids. Through those experiences, ‘love who you are’ became the core message of my music…”

Shihori also links this toxic culture of bullying and rejection to the current societal upheaval in the US, continuing, “… and now I think America needs this message too. What does it matter if your skin color is white or black? What matters more is what your SOUL looks like.”

Uplifting and relevant new single Perfect Imperfection reflects this important point. Shihori found her calling as a singer when she realized that her striking voice left listeners speechless. But her words are also meaningful and thought-provoking.

Shihori teamed up with music producer Dibs for the track, and he infused her folk-pop sound with buoyant electronics, blending pop, electronic, and singer-songwriter genres to engaging effect.

All Bandcamp proceeds from Perfect Imperfection will be donated to Joyful Heart Foundation, which helps victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and child abuse.

Purchase Perfect Imperfection / Wonderful World HERE.

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