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NEWS: LA Singer-Songwriter RUNN Offers Up a Sweet Slice of Pop

watchmerunn · Misery

Written by: Jen Dan

Los Angeles singer-songwriter RUNN returns with yet another taste of her upcoming debut EP.

Misery is a deceptively sweet slice of pop that uses its catchy appearance to tackle what it means to be broken how another being can help the healing process. 

RUNN explains her newest “is a song about the force of empathy – how two broken people can be beautifully supportive of one another. It’s easy to feel alone when you get lost in your head, and having someone who understands and joins you in that space rather than trying to fix it is amazing, and it can be your partner, your friend, your dog etc. I love this song because it’s such a happy sounding bop but with pretty heavy undercurrents.”

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