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Written by: Jen Dan

American rock musician Andrew Reed is an experimental artist who takes wing on his latest album, As a Bird of the Air…

Reed mixes retro psychedelia and Americana with rousing rock ‘n’ roll for a bold and passionate mix of tracks on As a Bird in the Air…, which just touched down at the end of April.

The multi-instrumentalist went back to basics when creating the album, cutting off his connection to the world at large by living in a cabin for over a year and experiencing the true power of the natural world.

From his time spent extremely social distancing, he came up with many questions about humanity and the world; many without answers, or at least answers that led to even more questions…

Reed channels this exploratory method to his music, searching for enlightenment through sound and feeling. As a Bird in the Air… follows up his 2018 album If All The World Were Right, which snagged two Billboard Top 40 Indicator charting singles (the title track and Cure My Mind).

Reed stepped back from these successes to concentrate on himself, his music, and something larger – a connection to our planet and a higher level of consciousness of it.

What resulted is a mix of modern ‘80s-inspired rock, from high-octane rock songs to heady power ballads, all steeped in deep introspection and insight.

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