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Tiny Fighter’s Startling Debut Album ‘Going Home’

Written by Mike D.

Here is the debut album ‘Going Home’ by Swedish-Australian indie rock outfit Tiny Fighter! That brave, ultrasonic sky-predator finally reached its destination after an almost 2-year soaring in the skies between Oceania and N.Europe. Based in Stockholm, Tiny Fighter was formed after a chance meeting between Therese Karlsson (a truck driver from Kalmar, Sweden) and Tim Spelman (a doctor from Melbourne, Australia). The two met in Stockholm in 2017 and began collaborating, offering an enticing mix of indie-rock and berserker chamber pop. The Record Stache was among the first magazines to mention the band’s works and we are so happy to see now a full album by that ultra-talented outfit.

‘Strangest Thing’ was the first single off the album about 2 months ago. A pretty melodic indie tune that is filled with positive energy all over and a really pro-arrangement too!

The second single was ‘Perfect Game’ on another kind of an indie-oriented pursuit. Again, it was a success for Tiny Fighter!

For their debut ‘Going Home’ LP, Tiny Fighter recorded for over 12 months in both Stockholm and at The Panic Room in Skövde, Sweden. The result is a compelling combination of the unabashed indie-rock of Tiny Fighter‘s earlier releases with deeper, darker arrangements that showcase the full range of Karlsson and Spelman’s songwriting. Tiny Fighter have grown from an artsy studio project to a live entity selling out tours and filling larger music venues, quickly building a strong reputation for their stirring live performances and ability to tastefully mix catchy indie-pop with darker themes and arrangements.

The whole album is a colorful tapestry with 11 straight up indie-sounding tracks which now works as the perfect daily soundtrack. It is so quite impressive and exciting the molding of a truck driver with a doctor, but when we speak about Tiny Fighter, it is utterly obvious that despite their obvious talent both Karlsson and Spelman are also educated musicians.

Tiny Fighter photo by Marcos Engman

So, except of these two tracks that I mentioned before, you should also try ‘Devotion‘, ‘Rollercoaster‘, ‘Stars’, and ‘Hold On’,

to discover the pure heart of a band that plays original indie-music without any other tricks to impress the audience. Among the pluses of the album is the absolute Scandinavian perfection in the whole production where everything had been worked so carefully and with that Northern shining all over. The debut album of Tiny Fighter the hawk is a delight by all means, and here it is!!!

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