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News: Electronic Music Producer Mountain Soundsystems Drops Groovin’ New Tune

Written by: Jen Dan

The Seattle-based electronic music producer known as Mountain Soundsystems recently dropped the twisty and vivid single ORMUS.

Mountain Soundsystems (AKA Jared Sand) crafts music that combines live improvisation jams and psychedelic vibes for an ear- and mind-opening ride.

Mountain Soundsystems builds up layers of sounds that gently wind, strongly bend, and/or brightly pop within one track, and the mix gives the result a trippily exploratory feel.

The artist has headlined the Seattle HempFest and performed at venues including The Lofi, Club Contour, and the Funhouse.

While the playing-live format is now on hold due to the virus pandemic, headphone-listening is as easy to do as ever, so give Mountain Soundsystems a spin.

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