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News: Composer/Songwriter Chris Ianuzzi Drops an Exploratory Taster EP for His Upcoming LP

Written by: Jen Dan

Renowned New York-based electronic/symphonic composer and songwriter Chris Ianuzzi is enjoying a richly artistic career that has had him working with Peter Baumann (Vangelis, Tangerine Dream) and creating sound design music for the Ron Howard and Tom Hanks co-produced, HBO-aired From the Earth to the Moon series.

The high-profile collabs and acclaimed solo material (like his I, Synthesist project) doesn’t stop there, but all that is in the past, and Ianuzzi is focused on the present and future, releasing his taster EP Olga in a Black Hole ahead of the June 15th bow of his full-length Planetaria.

Ianuzzi describes the new EP as “a return to my roots in electronic music. I had ventured to making song related music and now I am freeing myself of that structure and headed towards something new.”

The artist explores new sonic realms on the EP, carving out technological-themed niches that bristle with flitting mechanical, electronic, and ambient sonics.

Whirring, clicking, and bleeping noises run through the 3-song EP, but so does a rubbery rhythmic to staccato pace that gives Hello a brisk techno vibe and Fork a cool electro-industrial sheen. The title track seemingly melds the artificial and natural worlds, with an airy, spare atmosphere that at times gets crammed with a plethora of sounds.

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