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Written by: Jen Dan

According to the press release, Ocean Ground, the new single from Lucern, Switzerland-based tropical electro-pop outfit Alois, is the result of a real-life freak accident involving a river vortex. And, apparently, the way to escape such a vortex if you’re caught in one is to surrender to it and allow it to pull you all the way down to the ground.

It’s this image, that of being dragged down to the bottom by a force far greater than your own, that informs the compelling center of Ocean Ground. Even without this context, however, the song still resonates.

Ocean Ground is made up of a patchwork of styles. The disaffected vocal delivery brings to mind the more introspective side of indie music, leaning into post-punk. It has that pensive, emotionally disconnected feel about it that creates the emotional tension in the song.

The backing instrumentals, on the other hand, are all groove and polyrhythmic drive. The track veers off into electronica conjuring up a more restrained, downtempo type of techno, with a hint of Afro-pop. This music is really eclectic and that’s what makes it so rich and interesting.

The video for the song, which was directed by Nicolas Büttiker, was shot in what appears to be a lighthouse located on a snow-covered mountain. The landscape is absolutely beautiful and the filmmaking is crisp and stylish.

Trying to explain the content of the video, and what the band members are actually up to, would kind of ruin the plot. But let’s just say that the whole thing is very surreal, and maybe that’s the point…

Alois’ new album, Azul, releases on April 17th via Red Brick Chapel Records.

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