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Written by: Jen Dan

Mysterious retro-futuristic electronic music artist and producer S+C+A+R+R put out his compelling debut double single White Lies / What Do You Need? this past September.

Since then S+C+A+R+R has raised his profile with his involvement in the soundtrack for the Cannes Film Festival-awarded (among many other film fest awards) animated film I Lost My Body, which is directed by Jérémy Clapin and is available on Netflix.

The composer of the film’s soundtrack, Dan Levy, asked S+C+A+R+R to contribute to it. Levy comments, “In the summer, I was working in the studio on the soundtrack, while S+C+A+R+R was working the studio next door. It appeared to me that S+C+A+R+R’s voice and melancholic atmosphere would be perfect for a key moment of the movie! I suggested to him to write the most spontaneous love song. He composed You’re The One quite simply, at the piano, in front of me, and we all loved it.”

Based on this fortuitous event, S+C+A+R+R was able to recently release the poignant You’re The One as a single and as a storytelling comprised of footage from I Lost My Body.

On You’re The One, S+C+A+R+R offers up his emotionally vulnerable voice, tinged with hope and regret, amid a lightly upbeat electronic milieu, while in the video, quickly edited fragments of the animated film fly by.

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