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Written by: Jen Dan

NYC-based singer-songwriter Scott Chasolen released his latest album, Living in Limbo, earlier this month. He created the deeply personal and affecting LP after going through a tough break-up.

Originally from North Jersey, Chasolen became interested in playing music at a young age. He studied jazz for a long while and was part of the notable instrumental group ulu.

Chasolen eventually went the solo route, combining folk, rock, and jazz genres to craft heartfelt, reflective songs. His debut album, Solitude Speaks, came out in 2003 – and now over 15 years later, and still in the biz, he’s released the acoustic LP Living in Limbo.

Steeped deeply in both love and loss, the songs were given life in a NYC apartment during Chasolen’s coming to terms with the end of a significant relationship. He explains, “I wrote this record while going through the most difficult phase of my life, losing my marriage and attempting to move forward from devastation. It is incredibly personal and honest.”

Chasolen is also a session musician and a member of the Pink Floyd tribute band The Machine (Endorsed by Moog, he plays the Mini-Moog Voyager), as well as a touring member of the Chicago tribute band Beginnings (He plays piano and is a co-vocalist).

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