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LUCKYANDLOVE’s Dangerous Runaway is a Synthtastic Gem

Who doesn’t love the synthetic world brought to us in the 80s by the likes of Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Human League and Rational Youth. Today we are pleased to introduce you to an artist who seems to have grown up under the brilliant influence of these very artists – LA-based synthwave duo LUCKYANDLOVE. In fact, we’ve got the premiere of their new single ‘Dangerous Runaway’ – a juicy teaser for their sophomore album ‘Transitions’ with its 10 new tracks. Metropolitan, high energy, conspicuous, youthful and addictive – these are all words we can easily use to describe this song.

Visually we see dusty neon with black, leather with silk and spandex, fish nets with racey goth fashion trends. We also see a huge number of synths, electronic drums, reverb-laced vocals and an audience in awe of what they are witnessing. This is superb music.

If you happen to be a die-hard fan of Ladytron, Crystal Castles, Metric, Le Tigre or Phantogram, you should really appreciate LUCKYANDLOVE, but those nostalgic for a great 80s music straddling the cusp between synthpop new wave music should also put some good mileage on their audio players with the new ‘Transitions’ album. Apart from this new single, other standout tracks found on this album include ‘Soul Alive’, ‘Animal (Wanna See You)’ ‘Dancing Alone Again’, ‘Telekinesis’ and ‘Bottomline’.

Photo by Chelsea Ray of TANGIENTS

This album takes you on a multi-city adventure. Within the recesses of your mind, you’ll find yourself jetting around to Chicago, LA, and DC… in a pop underground, clubbing in Chinatown, basking in the south of France, moonlight trekking in a Burmese jungle, having a spiritual love connection, or provoking the DMT molecules that are naturally inside you.

LUCKYANDLOVE is vocalist & multi-synth-pedal-instrumentalist April Love and drummer & multi-synth instrumentalist Loren Luck. Originally from Silver Lake, California, the band formed in 2014, named for The Good Luck bar, where they met. Many mai tai’s and 2 full-length records later, the band is now set for this new release, along with third west coast tour and first UK tour.

“This is a very transformational record. Making it was an emotional journey with both heart-breaking and fun experiences because we are always in transition,” says Loren Luck.

This album follows up the well-received debut album ‘Lucky+Love’ and debut video for ‘Digging in the Earth’. As with their debut, the duo recorded ‘Transitions’ with Grammy winning engineer Be Hussey of The Comp-ny Studio, going to extremes in writing and performing live on this record, often finishing songs in one complete take.  

“Our first debut record introduced a lot of sky and space concepts. For this second album “Transitions”, we get down right spooky. Like my brain keeps imagining a transition into ‘rainbow body’ while I’m playing ‘Soul Alive’,” says April Love

“I play typical loud and bassy, control filter synths, and Loren has psycho beats and our spoon bending lyrical concepts brush up against danger, and suspense like in Dangerous Run Away. These songs are up for interpretation cause this ride is totally up to you.”

With support globally from Southern Record Distributors and Forced Exposure, the ‘Transitions’ LP will be released on May 24 and will be available from a record store near you. In the meantime, it can also be pre-ordered via Bandcamp at 

LUCKYANDLOVE is supporting this album with a series of live dates. In June, their adventures bring them to the UK, where they will perform at London’s Synthwave Live Festival, co-headlining with B-Movie, among other appearances. More dates will be announced soon.

1.  Soul Alive
2.  Animal (Wanna See You)
3.  Dangerous Runaway
4.  Bottomline
5.  Dancing Alone Again
6.  Summertime Frolic
7.  It’s a Mistake
8.  Telekinesis
9.  Medicine Woman
10. Rosary

TOUR DATES (get tickets)
May 16  Los Angeles, CA – Downtown L.A. Art Walk, The Lash
May 24  Los Angeles, CA – Record Release Show, Pop Obscure Record Store
May 31  Venice, CA – Grand View Market
June 16 Los Angeles, CA – Silverlake Lounge (with Darkswoon)
June 22 London, UK – Synthwave Live 3, Electrowerkz
June 23 Bristol, UK – The Crofters Rights
June 24 Manchester, UK – The Peer Hat (with Jan Doyle Band)
June 25 Leeds, UK – The Fox & Newt
June 26 Sheffield, UK – The Mulberry Bar
June 27 Brighton, UK – TBC
July 13 Hollywood, CA – Bar Sinister (with Wandering Poets)
July 18 Portland, OR – The Lovecraft Bar
July 19 Seattle, WA – LoFi Seattle
Sept 15 Los Angeles, CA – (with The Secret Light, Xibling, The Electric West)

Check out the first single from this album ‘Soul Alive’:

And their video for ‘Digging in the Earth’ off their previous (debut) album:

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