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Seattle-located music artist Vernox is finalizing the release of his third album, titled Mr. Zero, a slice of self-described “anti-pop”, which will arrive in March 2019. It’s a mesmerizing departure from his previous two LPs which were in the acoustic-based singer-songwriter mold.

On Mr. Zero, Vernox melds nocturnal urban hip-hop with brighter, melodic electro-pop and adds some delicate acoustic guitar touches. He’s into the sonic rhythms and the flow of the lyrics as each earworm wriggles, bounces, and winds into the mind and takes hold of the listener.

Vernox’s latest single KILLME, with an accompanying video, does just that, as he sinuously, yet rapidly raps along to the swaying pace. Loops of an acoustic guitar line form the foundation of KILLME, while a scintillating percussive chop shines hard. Sensual lyrics about a lover stream through the track, which Vernox ravishes with a passionate relish.

Mr. Zero was shaped in Vernox’s basement studio and where he performed, played guitar, and wrote all the songs. The LP was produced by the renowned Bobby Wooten (Mac Miller, David Byrne) at Premier Studios in NYC.

Vernox, or Nox for short, is planning a full Pacific Northwest tour for spring 2019.

Written by: Jen Dan

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