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NEWS: Electronic pop/punk act Dolores Haze detail Track-By-Track LP rundown

Swedish electronic pop/punk trio Dolores Haze mix their catchy pop and playful electronic compositions with bold hip-hop styling and defiant punk rock attitude.

Dolores Haze’s latest, and second, album, the provocatively titled Play Hard Fuck Hard Love Hard, could be both motto and salvo for monikered members Groovy Nickz (vocals, bass), Lucky Lollo (guitar), and Foxy Sagz (drums). The LP dropped on October 26th via Warner Music Sweden and was produced by Lil Pz in Stockholm.

The band recently took some time out to reveal some intriguing and fun backstory details about Play Hard Fuck Hard Love Hard’s tunes, which The Record Stache exclusively relays below:

“Ltd. Edition Bichon Frisé”

“A Bichon Frisé is our metaphor for a person who is so cute you can never be mad at them. Once, there was this really hot guy called Hugo who spilled red wine all over this girl’s pants at a bar, and no one including the girl could be mad at him because he was so fucking good looking it was insane. But it’s also about walking your dog in the park.”

“Play Hard Fuck Hard Love Hard”

“It’s about destructive partying and looking for love in all the wrong places.”


“It’s about having a really nice night with all the best friends, being hot in thongs and a stolen lipstick, and hanging out at the club until 6 am. Also includes the genius rhyme “Life is fun when you’re having fun”.”

“The Final Show”

“When you’re in a relationship and you just know that it’s about to end, but you’re still desperately trying to hold on to it ‘cause you think it will get better.”

“Suck On My Ego”

“When our producer Lil Pz met Groovy Nickz for the first time he thought she was such a diva, so he started singing “her spirit’s so high I’m getting vertigo”, and there is nothing Groovy Nickz likes more than being full of herself, so she wrote a song about it. Also pay attention to the pronunciation of “Canada Goose”. It was a first take and Lil Pz refused to let her re-sing it ‘cause this pronunciation was so Swedish and cool.

“I Never Saw This Coming”

“This song is about the non-glamorous side of the tour life. The lyrics are mainly written by our former member Groovy Fuck before she left the band.”


“An anti-dick-pic song we wrote just for fun. Sweden’s most hated song on YouTube 2018.”

“Watch It Burn”

“It’s the ultimate breakup song, when everything around you just breaks and you feel pathetic and everything feels like shit.”

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