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Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to one LA-based composer and multi-instrumentalist named Christopher Sky (a.k.a. Christopher Garcia). Originally having issued several releases in 2011, seven years passed until he came out with his next EP earlier this year via Hidden Shoal. Now he is back with a new album. On November 9, ‘Vastness’ will get a limited edition vinyl release via Aagoo Records with Hidden Shoal on board again for the digital.

His third full-length album brings to mind such artists as Christian Fennesz, Eric Satie, Tim Hecker, William Basinski, Biosphere, Brian Eno, Klimek and Wolfgang Voigt (Gas). This is a fine piece of work, triggering chilled and sometimes dark dreamery, always taking you to a great place. Christopher Sky once again shares a space-drift vibe in a range of pleasurable frequencies. This rare edition will be made on bone-colored vinyl but only 75 copies are available. Here, once again, he offers shimmering compositions that feel boundless despite their brevity. The lead track ‘End of an Era’ is a slightly dark, but lovely and mysterious song, about which Sky says “I picture a box opening and sounds pouring out“. Other standout tracks include Gold for Silver, In a Room, and By The Ocean.

Employing guitar, Rhodes piano, electronics and loops, Christopher Sky crafts soundscapes that feel boundless and expansive. Constantly evolving, each piece adopts nuanced textural and rhythmic motifs as both narrative devices and atmospheric signifiers. Counting Ryuichi Sakamoto, Erik Satie, The Album Leaf and Fennesz as influences, Sky’s deft handling of space and scale delivers some truly beatific vistas that are both inviting and transportive. Perfectly placed incidental sounds are mapped out across the album’s duration. Rather than serving as instrumental adornments, they become musical signposts. As with William Basinski’s Disintegration Loops, the act of listening becomes an exploration of the details, while being gently guided by the ambiance.

Whether employing glitchy rhodes tones, crackling static or eerie reverberating percussion, Sky masterfully creates and sustains an atmosphere, then transforms it subtly, carrying the listener effortlessly through and between tracks with finesse.

Find the ‘Vastness’ LP on vinyl at or order it digitally at


‘Vastness’ was recorded August-October 2017 by Christopher Sky Garcia

All Songs Written, recorded and produced by Christopher Sky Garcia in 2017 at SEJAT

Soon Christopher Sky will head out for a series of UK and European tour dates, as follows:

Dec 1  London, UK – Dronica Festival/ The Old Church
Dec 2  Glasgow, UK – The Old Hairdressers
Dec 3  Berlin, Germany – Madame Claude
Dec 5  Marseilles, France – Der Lamafia
Dec 6  Bourdeaux, Freance – I.BOAT
Dec 7  TBC – Rome (Italy)

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