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Photography by James Rogers

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to the debut album from Toronto-based electronic pop artist Buildings and Food. Despite visual associations of emergency-rescue or survival scenarios, Buildings and Food is actually the moniker of solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Jen K. Wilson, having returned to the music fold as an indie artist after more than a decade of pursuing other professional pursuits.

This is a collection of eight tracks ranging from full on indie and synth pop to ambient and experimental, but usually Wilson takes a more central line, not wavering too far from what is acceptable to listeners’ usual palettes. This is an album of pleasantries certainly.

‘1979: Pennies and Pluto’ bears a title no less intriguing than the music entailed herein. Several associations immediately come to mind, including Broadcast, Stereolab and Mahogany, albeit in a less complicated form. The new single, just as ‘Slow to Reverse’, the single before this, is a brilliant reflection of the internal workings of an indie pop aficionado with a vision towards a positive musical construction.

‘Rewind the Dog’ is another notable track on this album, while others are calmer and more introspective, leaving interpretation to your imagination. Whatever it is that make her tick in this music, it’s worth repeating based on the solid impressions from this debut release.

Influenced by glitch, classical music and pop, Buildings and Food is Jen’s first solo musical project. Trained in classical piano and visual arts, Jen spent many years playing guitar and drums in various indie bands before embarking on a career as a visual artist.  She has recently returned to music, getting her hands dirty with her DAW and finally playing keyboards.  

In 2015, Wilson had a strong impulse to begin recording again, creating music that represents a significant departure to anything previously released through other projects. Thus was born Buildings and Food.

“This release marks a return to music-making for me, after a long tenure as a visual artist.  While working on these recordings, I was greatly inspired by the early demos of Glenn Tilbrook and early Squeeze recordings, A.C. Newman, Jimmy Tamborello/Dntel, Daft Punk, and The Rural Alberta Advantage,” says Jen K. Wilson.

“I enjoyed mixing in analog sounds to the primarily digital tracks I created for these recordings, building loops and using found sounds, then adding guitars, percussion and sometimes vocals.”

‘Quick Beat Save’ is out now. Available via online stores and streaming platforms, such as Spotify, it can be ordered via Bandcamp digitally on on CD, at

Composed by Jen K. Wilson
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jen at The Music Room
Drum programming, percussion, loops, keys, guitars, vocals by Jen K. Wilson
Cover artwork by Jen K. Wilson based on the painting “She Lingers Between the Lines” from the “Reconstructing Fables” series

1. Slow to Reverse  
2. Quick Beat  

3. Motherwell on the Stairs  
4. 1979:  Pennies and Pluto  
5. Food Court  
6. Rewind the Dog  
7. On the Lino  
8. Air Weight End  

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