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Oakland, CA-residing singer-songwriter/producer Terabyte recently released her latest electronic single, Hackaboy, a sharp, rhythmic tune that blends the dreamy with a harder reality.

Terabyte crafts music in the avant-pop and electronic music realms. On Hackaboy she sing-raps through the perceptive lyrics about how someone can be on your same wavelength and can then infiltrate your life in a good or bad way. Terabyte also muses upon how DIY producers and techies can change the future with the music that they’ve created in their bedroom.

The flow of Hackaboy is both staccato and rolling, with crisply clacking percussion and lightly thudding beats pitted against rippling runs of synths notes and airy backing vocals.

Terabyte explains, “My work explores the subconscious emotional dreamworld and its relationship with reality, escapism, and possession.  I am influenced by the rapid pace of technological advancement and the ability to create a completely new world within reality.”

“Philosophical topics like the question of what is true and what is false, perception verses portrayal, and pondering the possibility that we could be living in a highly advanced simulation that we may have more control over than meets the eye – inspire me deeply.  My dreamworld is seldom without flamboyant sexuality and a dry sense of humor.”

“Sonically, I aim to create surreal, avant-garde pop music that still has a somewhat predictable structure, driving dance-forward beats with a soft dream-like sheen to help coax the listener into an imaginary world whilst still feeling present in their body.”


Sub Session Music Festival, San Louis Obispo, CA November 3rd

Terabyte with Digisaraus, and TBA, the Uptown, Oakland, CA November 30th

Written by: Jen Dan

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