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Indie urban pop artist Madison has been creating spectacular pop-tastic firecrackers for the past several years.  Her rockin’ electronic-based pop anthems crackle with sizzling energy, radiate positive female empowerment vibes, and glow brightly with supremely catchy melodies and vocal harmonies. 

In a perfect world Madison would be wearing the pop star crown.  It’s time to bow down to the pure pop perfection of Madison’s latest collection of urban pop tunes that includes the vibrant Hustle and the explosive new Baller.

Find out more about Madison from our interesting and insightful interview with her below:

Hiya Madison!  It’s so cool to touch base with you about your awesome new music!  Where are you now (which city? NYC, LA, or…?) and what are the vibes like?

I am based in NY now… although I do a lot of recording in LA. VIBES ARE HIGH!! 

You just dropped two high-energy, catchy anthems, Hustle and Baller which are all about female struggle, empowerment, and equality in a mainly male-dominated world.  Can you spill some details about where your lyrics are coming from?  Have you experienced firsthand the oppression and harassment that the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements are calling out?

My lyrics are coming from the heart! I am so excited about this revolution we are experiencing with more women than ever before running for office, the #MeToo and #TimesUp exposures… It is thrilling to really see a wave of women speaking up and taking action! I am also loving the men who are standing with us shoulder to shoulder.  I want to add my voice to this beautiful chorus of empowerment. We have work ahead, so let’s dig in. I hope my tunes can be the playing in the background! 

Yes, I have experienced sexual harassment and weird controlling vibes from men as I was coming up in the industry, especially as a female artist. I think looking back, I would advise young women to find a female ally in the business and never feel like you are not talented enough. Speak up. And if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, say something. Don’t think “That’s just part of the business.” It is not. Not anymore, anyway. The only way to change it is to do something about it. Call it out when it happens. 

I won’t even go into politics and other social/cultural issues, except to say that you make your views crystal-clear on your Twitter feed.  You go, girl!  Even though you sometimes tackle serious subject matter on your songs, you do it in a fun and triumphant way.  Is this based on how you view life, as a glass half-full instead of half-empty, perhaps?

Yes for sure!  Life is too short, I think, to be negative… There is enough negativity in the world… I sometimes look to that show Naked and Afraid as a way to behave. I noticed the people who survive the 21 days in remote locations… are the ones who have the positive, can-do attitudes. It makes all the difference. Wisdom from TV. Haha!  

Your enthusiastic passion and exultant boldness on record aligns with the punk rock spirit, and your rapid, mercurial vocal delivery recalls the flow of hip-hop at times.  Are you influenced by the punk and hip-hop genres?

YES!  When I first started making music I was very punk rock. I was actually making and performing rock music with a full band and it was very “Do whatever I felt like”… barefoot, unscripted… crazy… and as I experimented more with different set-ups and genres… I started diving into hip-hop… and playing with my flow… working with hip-hop producers… rapping… Soon it was just me and a bunch of tracks… It was so fun to explore that world! So I guess it’s all kind of mixed together now in my current body of work. 

There are so many labels to categorize music these days, and while many people are against tagging artists and acts, I still like to use stylistic descriptors to at least give some idea of the type of music on display. So, of the following, which would you pick to describe your sound?

Pop, electronic pop, alternative pop, indie pop, cosmopolitan pop, urban pop, and/or hip-pop.

I’d say it’s indie electronic urban pop rock.  

Speaking of labels, it’s really difficult to find you online under the ubiquitous name “Madison.”  I know you use the tag “noiseofmadison” for easier access to your official sites and music.  Did you realize early on in your career that you needed to separate yourself from the pack in this way?

The ‘Noise of Madison’ came about as I was thinking that I wanted to have a website and handle that defined what I was doing… and I didn’t want to be in a small box of only one type of sound… because who knows what’s next!!  So NOISE OF MADISON made the most sense… So I can do whatever I want… All kinds of noises!!!  

Speaking of rising to the top, and being seen and heard, what does it take to make it in the music business these days?  From what I understand, you’ve been licensing some of your music out (if that’s what the process is called!) to various TV shows and commercials.

Licensing is key. It is really a way to get your music out there and also generate income to help the project keep moving forward. Spotfiy is also super-important. Artists like me are starting to see a little income here… and it is so helpful if you can get a spot on a great playlist. My song Hustle is on a great playlist and that has made all the difference in streaming numbers.  

And going into the music-playing platform industry a bit, looking at your side of it, what are your thoughts on SoundCloud versus Spotify?  I’m actually more a fan of SoundCloud for various reasons, and not Spotify, which I’ve read (if it’s true) is pocketing too much of the money that should be going to the artists using the platform…

SoundCloud is great because it’s so easy to use and less formal… but Spotify is better for an artist to help monetize.  

I want to touch upon your background for a moment, because I find it interesting that Interview magazine has called you a “science nerd-cum-pop singer-songwriter.”  Did you start out in the science-based sector before segueing to a music career?

Yes, I thought I wanted to be an MD/ PHD! I even worked in a laboratory and published a research paper. But alas, in NYC I found myself in a studio late night… recorded a song… and never looked back!!! 

What inspires you these days as a creative?

The streets of NY, film, art in museums, poetry…

How is 2018 shaping up for you?  Are your two new tracks going to be part of an upcoming EP or album, or will be continuing to release more singles?

It is looking like I’ll be doing single releases over 2018… and another strong banger is coming soon… on the female empowerment tip!!!! I CANT STOP!!!!!! 

Written by: Jen Dan

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