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Review: Paul Littlewood: Today-Television

Everybody needs some good British indie music on the stereo, on a radio, at the bar, or in the car. That kind of music which offers to the listener that trademark UK sound on pop/rock musings and Paul Littlewood keeps the quality banner high my friends. Hailing from Swinton in South Yorkshire and currently based in Sheffield our friend is a skilled music-man who plays various instruments sings his own songs and produces his music too.

On April 23 Anklebreka Records releases his brand new double A-side single Today-Television, and no matter if you are or not much into Brit-indies you have to check it because, after all, quality is what we seek in art right? The single includes 2 songs that are written by a talented man who obviously knows very well what arrangements mean and has also a very good and characteristic voice. All beloved colors from the English heritage are included in his music, warm melodies, a few “foggy” harmonies in, and targeted arrangements which kinda “explain” the songs and uplift them as a whole. He owns all that a good song needs, a good idea on the main riff, excellent performance and an ensemble of some very interesting musical hints which he uses thoroughly.

Today soothes the listener with an endearing yet hazy musical familiarity with its swirls and blurred sonic edges, hanging in the air with raw emotion, cocooning the listener. A song which discreetly blows some spirit from Wings (Paul McCartney) in the room, in terms of emotions and perfection in the performance. So, these high standards unveil again in Television, a song which is more energetic and upbeat where you may find all these British rock style hints in and a very real statement on the situation with modern-day TV. Both songs perfectly represent the UK with serious and a very good production, and basically, I loved them both as the missing pieces from the country’s current front-line alternative/indie pop offerings.

A few more things about Paul Littlewood’s skills are that he primarily performs and records as a solo artist (he has released a number of recordings in the last 15 years) but has also appeared with a number of bands including Fights, Fallen Trees, and Eastern Seaboard Radio Station. Here’s the official video for Today by Skinny Pelembe published on March 8.

Written by Mike D.  

 photo credit Doya Beardmore


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