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Review: A Million Machines – Self-Titled Debut

A Million Machines are set to release their debut 11 track selt-titled lp on November 24, and in my surprise I discovered a record that though it comes from an LA’s own synthetic band, it sounds European to the bone! AMM are synthetic, synthpop, synthwave, electronic duo who plays that modular electro wave genre as it was sired in Europe! The Depeche Mode style, the OMD style, Kraftwerk oriented, you know now, that avant-electro pop genre that became glorious in the continent and was worshiped in US too (after all the multi-platinum 1989’s “101” double live lp by DM was recorded in Pasadena). The band’s line up comprises of two well known musicians, the multi-instrumentalist/producer MIG (The New Room) and singer Fate Fatal (The Deep Eynde). It’s quite easy and common if you like, that skilled singers involved in dark-alternative-gothic bands like Fate Fatal himself, can easily sing, enjoy and enhance such electronic music songs. The result here is raw analog synths and punchy vocals along with pop hooks, and to make it clear I mean that no synthpop or synthwave song is good enough unless it has that melodic, uplifting refrain that can hook you! The single Come Tonight releases on September 22, let’s taste the band’s neon-synthetic bliss!!!

Obviously they have it! And more than this the duo is very confident in their apparent artistic chemistry, that’s why the lp is rolling in a very cosy mood. I didn’t get bored at all, in the contrary I enjoy the record more and more every day, as I discover my day’s hit to stick to, honestly the lp offers a wide range of electro varieties and it’s up to you to pick one for the day, it all works as a successful pop release but here is all loaded on an electro, synthetic narrative. Let’s go to one more 

I’ll make a guess: A Million Machines sooner or later will be invited to perform in the most dedicated electronic festivals overseas in Germany, UK, Belgium and France…after they take on the alternative electro scene in US the path is open!

Written by: Mike Dimitriou

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