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An excellent release came in handy a few days ago! Lucky + Love from LA will unfold their delights on June 30 with their first eponymous LP, via the British SRD label, brand fresh and sparkling Electrowave music, polished sound, and stardust! Bandmates Loren Luck (drums and synths) and April Love (vocals, keyboards, guitar) consist a duo that blows their aura on that beloved electro-pop sound, and there’s more!

Remember that electro-pop from the 80’s that suddenly vanished? These alternative hits from New Order, or early Depeche Mode? When electro music was still unsampled and less programmed, when all dedicated electro artists were in the mood to write good songs for people to dance to. Put all that in our modern times, with new machines and provisions, and add the updated “attitude” of the genre. Lucky + Love use real electronic drums, lo-o-o-ots of synths, organic analog moog instruments, and the expected reverbs with long decays on vocals, all filled with few more and nice surprises that come and go in their songs. Dream Pop? Synthetic Gaze? A little Electro Rock? All of these and more!

The lead single Digging In The Earth is the perfect introduction to L + L ‘s sonic motion, uniting a synth heavy bass with the electrified guitar, and putting April’s smoky vocals over all that synthesized harmonies and waves that uplift the middle cortex. Mention that all vocals in the LP are in the same conduct as the music. There’s never the “one style” for the musicians in here, so April’s vocals are layed and set according to the harmonies of each part in the arrangements, and the character of each song. She is smoky, strict, ethereal, sometimes 80’s new wavy, and that works as an extra ace in their musings.

The LP has 8 songs to amuse and please the most demanding fans of electronic music, and it is complete in all! Apart from the lead single, I am stuck with the opener Sexy, Mars, You’ll Never Know, Legal Love and Full Moon. 6 out of 8, cinematic, astral, electrified, inspired, eclectic, up tempo, down tempo, with an excellent technical approach and you may find it on vinyl too! If you are generally into electronic music, fans of electro, synth wavers etc, you should check that release once it is out!

Written by: Mike Dimitriou

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