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Transformers. Wasn’t that a cult cartoon back in the ‘80s? The one where alien high-tech robots turned into cars and planes and all types appliances and vice versa, battling each other over the fate of the Earth?  Well, that’s not exactly the type of transformation that the members of the avant-pop act JPTR is talking about on their latest single.  What the Zurich, Switzerland-based trio is celebrating on Transformers is the idea of gender fluidity. 

In a typical JPTR fashion, they manage to make some very interesting connections between seemingly unrelated realities in their song and accompanying new video for Transformers, which gets its American premiere here at The Record Stache. 

The protagonist of the song is the French mathematician Émilie du Châtelet. To overthrow the gender–binary regime, she decides to put on a Paris is Burning-type ball and make the city, quite literally, go up in flames. The action is staged back during The Age of Enlightenment, BTW.

If that wasn’t enough, the video for Transformers is as intense as the throbbing dancefloor monster of a backing track that drives it. It would be prudent to warn people who have a history of epilepsy to avoid watching the closing sequence, because all the flashing lights and pulsating explosions of shapes have the potential to set off an episode.

Dangers aside, stylistically, the visual piece is a celebration of opulence and kitsch. It features local Swiss celebrity and drag queen Milky Diamond (of the House of Pain collective) being herself; i.e. being gorgeous and having fun, in the most bizarre settings.  

JPTR just released its self-titled LP on Mouthwatering Records and it’s out of this world.

Written by: Jen Dan

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