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Brock Berrigan – Crossing Paths

Our pals over at shared this track with me, and it just set the perfect mood. I never shrug off anything Ivo sends my way, because he’s such a trustworthy source in eclectic music. If you’re looking for tunes that hit that sweet spot between your ears, he’s the guy to see.

The Spring 2017 edition of the Chillhop Essentials compilation album is soon upon us, and with it comes rejuvenating instrumentals to help wake your soul up from the seasonal affective disorder you’ve been lugging around with you all winter. This track Crossing Paths by producer Brock Berrigan is a perfect sample of what we can expect to hear on the project. There’s a real feeling of awakening layered throughout this song that’s perfect for the warming weather, and the spacious atmosphere of the beat leaves the listener with a genuine, positive attitude.

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