The Record Stache


Photos by: Jon Cassill

The Little Skips venue in Bushwick (Brooklyn) kept their doors open December 10th, 2016 late into the night for the record release show of American Anymen + LISE’s new EP entitled Oui EP. After squeezing into the packed yet inviting atmosphere, one could find an eclectic mix of experimental artists, spanning diverse genres. Warm and welcoming, upon entering you knew you wanted to stay, and could feel something special in the room, something you couldn’t find elsewhere. 

The artists on the bill for this concert included My Friend and Me, Frank Olson and the Olson Twins, Max Miller, and French soloist LISE, whose performance was marked with her sweet sounding voice as she played two keyboards simultaneously.

The room seemed to sway in unison and welcomed dancing.  A supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party gave an account of the time she recently spent in Standing Rock, North Dakota at the protest camp for the DAPL. 

Finally, headliner American Anymen took to the stage and overwhelmed and quenched their audience with pop-punk songs like Money Art and tracks from their latest few releases, including the Oui EP jointly released with LISE.

Video artist Erica Schreiner VJed throughout the set. During Money Art, the audience enjoyed a fast moving, brightly colored video of burning money and images that coincided with the lyrics. The room joined in to sing together with the chorus, “I think it’s funny that you want to make money, how much is it worth, how much do you want for it? The rule of the road is gold, you play the part, you make their money art.” 

Ultimately this DIY show involved a special, intimate and unique mix of politically charged, experimental artists and hopefully we will see more things like this popping up around Bushwick. 

Enjoy a track from the forthcoming ‘Oui EP’ from American Anymen + LISE and two videos from the recently released American Anymen album Start My Center. Brace yourself for two very different (but excellent) sounds.

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