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CaStLeS is a new Welsh band that came onto our radar this past week with the announcement that their new single Amcanu was just released and is to be followed by their debut album Fforesteering on November 18.

This first single is so non-standard for today’s music scene that it deserves to be highlighted. A trio hailing from North Wales, on this particular track, CaStLeS hits a nice sonic nerve somewhere between Animal Collective and The Flying Pickets, with a lot more ‘real’ percussion and less synthetic floss than the latter of these two bands dish out.

The chill out beat puts me in a very relaxed mood and the tandem vocals only speak to the harmony that the group has managed to achieve. Watching this live, I’d love to be at a summer sunny BBQ with beer in hand or surrounding by a fresh breeze and the sweet smell of the southern tropics. Quite the imagination I have when we’re just embarking on winter, but that’s the kind of thing this song is capable of.

I don’t understand a word that they are singing and I really don’t need to as it has me putting it on repeat just the same. It’s the mood that matters and there’s plenty of positivity in this one.

CaStLeS was formed in Snowdonia, Wales back in 2008 by brothers Dion and Cynyr Hamer.  After some time as a duo, they were joined by Calvin Thomas. The band’s statement reads: “nature is a place of comfort and reflection, to retreat to and hide from it all at times, as a subject, it can be used as an analogy to human society and our own personal nature.

With a whole slew of other Welsh artists emerging to the ‘outside world’, like Ani Glass, who I have reviewed before, we’re happy that Wales scores yet another one for it’s musical trophy case. Well done and looking forward to hearing the full album when opportunity knocks.

If you are in Wales, catch them on November 15 at the Fforesteering album launch at Cardiff’s Moon Club, along with Ani Glass, Winter Coat and Conformist.

If in London, catch them at the MPA/ PRS music show on November 17, located at 229 Great Portland Street.

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