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“If you could only see my point of view…”

Jill Beaulieu and Richard Kleef of Meter Bridge locked eyes as they sang the refrain from Kite. Years of perseverance and passion flowed through that look—an encapsulation of the work they put in leading to their debut live performance at the Royal in Nelson, BC.

It takes courage to share your art with the world, to perform for a greater audience than your co-creator. Could Meter Bridge’s intricate sound translate to the stage?

From the first notes of Quicksilver, there was no doubt. As powerful bass notes infused the room, Jill sang, “No pressure”—a confident line for a live debut.

Richard started the show a figure of concentration, intent on his laptop and mixer. As Meter Bridge’s myriad sounds coalesced, a sly smile crossed his face, and he bobbed his head in time with the pounding beat.

Jill’s voice tied it all together, sometimes lilting over the top of the melody, other times burning through the electronic sounds, a beacon of humanity in an android landscape. Richard’s low croon rolled through the speakers—a natural counterpoint to Jill’s ethereal vocals.

Meter Bridge touched on the high points from their full-length album Slow Motion and self-titled EP, and they closed the night with new track Beta Test, set for release this summer. Beta Test showcased the continuing evolution of the Meter Bridge sound, with a singalong chorus and an eminently danceable beat. Coincidentally, the Royal dimmed the lights for the last song, and the audience flocked to the dance floor—a sure sign of things to come.

“If you could only see my point of view”—Jill and Richard have been working on seeing each other’s perspective for years, and now that they’re sharing it with the rest of us, it’s a beautiful view indeed.

Written By: Mosang Miles
Mosang Miles has his finger on the beat, both locally and beyond. He hosts ‘The Thread’ radio show on on Kootenay Coop Radio


Distance Between Us
Meant to Be
Beta Test

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