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The theme of sexual emancipation after a long tradition of sexual repression has long been a theme explored in Rock n’ Roll and was one of the rock-the-boat ideas that drove the emergence of what was once a new genre of music. Revolution, sexual liberation, peace and acceptance of diversity are all concepts that were pursued simultaneously.

In spite of the ocean of soulless and meaningless pop and rock songs in which many of us are currently awash, some bands are still exploring such important things. One of these bands is Introflirt

This Oakland-based trio are currently gearing up for the release of their second album Temporary Heaven. In the meantime, they are teasing their first single Frozen Lace. I never thought I’d say crooner, sexual, eclectic and synthtastic in the same phrase, but Introflirt combines all these things.

In this track, Ben Benjamin’s velvet voice and intriguing lyrics find complete harmony with some fantastic synth work by Vafa and Brendan Dreaper.

This is a song inspired by the struggle to overcome sexual repression, which generally goes hand in hand with some religions. This battle is far from over, so let the music play on.

This was the first song to emerge for Introflirt after releasing their debut album. “This came from the longing to rid myself of guilt and fear of consequences when approaching certain desires,” explains vocalist and lyricist Ben Benjamin.


Growing up in a religious family – although my parents have pretty much been kicked out of every church they ever attended – installed many programs I’ve worked hard to disassemble. 

This is truly a delicious sultry sonic offering and offers a taste of what’s to come on the band’s eight-track Temporary Heaven LP, expected for release in July. It’s already available for pre-order on the band’s Bandcamp and website.   

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