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Live Review: Ireland’s Kolumbus in Munich

Last night saw Irish musician Kolumbus take to the stage and headline an International showcase based in Germany called ‘The Munich Sessions’, which took place at The Lost Weekend. I can say that many musicians have graced this stage, but few of them with more charisma than Kolumbus.

Listeners were treated to three sets this time around, in the following order

James Clayton (from Canada)

Sofia Clayton (from Sweden)

Kolumbus (from Ireland)

From the very offset, the crowd were treated to a diverse show.

Of the three artists who performed, I was extremely impressed by the overall performance of Kolumbus (whose real name is Mark ‘Cappy’ Caplice), who displayed strong songwriting skills, a flawless vocal delivery, as well as the remarkable ability to control a room. He literally had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.

“I don’t see a big crowd as being daunting, I see it as being an opportunity to create a great atmosphere,” explained Kolumbus. “The crowd were amazing and really made the show.”

It has only been a few weeks since Kolumbus wrapped up a two-country tour that found him bouncing all over the German-speaking world, in addition to subsequent performances back home in Ireland, so it’s good to see him return to this area so soon.

A brilliant moment of the night came when presenting us his new single Leave The Light On. It seemed as though Kolumbus was truly at home on stage, but really made everyone feel welcome. Fantastic show. Great songs. Great voice. Highly endearing and remarkable spirited performer with Class A songmanship and wise lyrics.

Of course, most of you will not have the opportunity to catch Kolumbus live, so I definitely recommend you go out and grab yourself all of the three free download tracks he’s gifting the world on his website. Find it here 


Review by Jackson Bradly

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