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PREMIERE: My Cruel Goro – Glue Buzz

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My Cruel Goro are a three-piece centered somewhere between the English Channel and the North Sea, as fate would have it, since they’ve seemingly got one leg in Italy and the other in Iceland. Quite the unique geographic contingent, but hey, if it works, don’t fix it.

We have no idea what the band’s name is referring to, but think it is unlikely to be confused with any other band name out there. My Cruel Goro was introduced to us via Shameless Promotion PR, a kick-ass promo company whose offerings we never turn a blind eye to. But is their music as memorable? We think band members Andrea Maraschi and Andrea Marcellini, along with drummer Tommaso Adanti, have whipped up some potent fast-driven indie rock worthy of your earbuds.

The band is about to launch their debut self-titled EP on August 24, which will be available for free download via Bandcamp. Today we bring you the premiere of one of the songs from this release – Glue Buzz, a landmark track that is reeling somewhere between standard indie rock and trippy effect-laden psych-laced garage. This cool accompanying video was created by fellow musician and artist Massimo Scoposki.

While ’70s bands may not number among their influences, their music is reeling with the raw energy and stylings of this period. No straightforward ‘sounds likes’ comparisons here for this track, but the Stranglers and early Clash come close to mind. This association is clearly stronger for nearly the first 2 minutes of the track, at which time this track clearly shifts towards something entirely different and instrumental in nature – almost as if two songs had been joined in one.

Glue Buzz is an effective track that delivers the quick high you hope might come from a track with such a name. This is a definite winner as a debut single. We are already eager to discover more from this band. Look forward to a review of the full EP in the coming weeks.

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