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PREMIERE: Rodney Cromwell – Barry Was An Arms Dealer

Rodney Cromwell may not be a household name in the world of synthpop, but give him some time and his name will be on the tongues of lovers of this genre worldwide. While firmly rooted in the nostalgia of music made in the late 70s-80s by the likes of Kraftwork, Visage, Yaz (Yazoo), Human League, OMD, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, as well as early Depeche Mode and New Order, this music is fresh as it comes and is definitely forward-looking, leaving you with an upbeat optimistic feeling despite the often despondent lyrics.

Serving up a tasty 80s dish of clever synth blends in his debut LP Age of Anxiety, which is being released on Happy Robot Records, his music is already turning heads among some rather significant music celebrities in the UK and continental Europe. We in North America always seem to be a bit slow on the draw when it comes to electronica, and especially synthpop, but here we are – thrilled to be presenting you the premiere of the first single from this LP, Barry Was An Arms Dealer.

Barry Was An Arms Dealer is the modern embodiment of everything bit of awesomeness in Enola Gay by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. It’s perhaps ironic that they both surround themes related to the arms race. It is also relevant that one of the biggest proponents of Rodney Cromwell’s album happens to be Malcolm Holmes from OMD

In sum, I love this album. Never before have I encountered an electronic or indie pop artist who could echo, reimagine and reinvigorate so many legendary 70’s and 80’s synthpop artists as Rodney Cromwell has done. Here we treat you to a small bit of this indulgence, but encourage you to find the digital download on iTunes, the CD version through Cargo Records, or why not support the artist directly by ordering both via Bandcamp. Also coming soon to America (June 29) via Darla Records.

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