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20 Eyes – Other Lover

Not since Reptar first came onto the scene have I heard anything as eccentric as 20 Eyes. These guys are all over the place with their sound, and it’s awesome! They’ve got this style that’s completely contemporary but seems to pull inspiration from ’90s alt rock bands. Nada Surf and The Offspring come to mind. You know, that pop-rock influenced sound with a punk mentality, bursting with energy and a carefree attitude that can only come out of California. There are even elements of Of Montreal’s showmanship sprinkled around somewhere in there. Yeah, 20 Eyes is something like that.

Hailing from San Pedro, California the trio has released a couple of tracks over the past six months, and today we premiere their latest single – Other Lover. The song comes packed with a handful of left field samples paired with familiar synths to help set the quirky mood of the track. As Other Lover builds and progresses, the band works their magic with their unpredictable instrumentation and ear catching lyrics. The result is a fun and fast paced piece of music that will leave you humming along to yourself for the rest of the day. Now that 20 Eyes have a few singles under their belts, I say it’s about time we’re treated to a full EP or something. Bring it on, guys!

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