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Irregular Expression – Emanating Resonance Mixtape


It’s rare that I come across a beat maker that has a style so unique that I have to completely immerse myself in their work for awhile. Irregular Expression is one such producer. Unfortunately, the artist only has a handful of tracks to his name. I had to find a way to get more insight into this guy’s background and find out what and who all influences his sound. The result is the Emanating Resonance mixtape.

Typically, I’d write up a description about the sounds you’ll be hearing throughout the mixtape, but Irregular Expression provided some info of his own. I will say that the hour and thirteen minutes that make up this mix are jam packed with twenty eight tracks that are essential listening for any fan of hip-hop. Even if you’re not big into hip-hop, give this tape a spin. I think you’ll enjoy it. I do need to say thanks to Irregular Expression for putting this together. And shout out to Kartune for the top notch cover art. Download Emanating Resonance, along with the rest of our exclusive mixtapes, through Dropbox.

“Coming from a musical background, as well as a full-time career in software development, I passionately took on creating beats and producing music about a year and a half ago. About seven months ago, I switched gears from producing more electronic sounds, to more of an instrumental hip hop vibe, and I’ve been building on that ever since. My style, as an artist, has definitely been evolving, and continues to evolve, as my musical/technical skills and the experiences in my life progress. To create a mix with all of the styles of music that influences me is very difficult, however, I did my best to bring a lot of major influences together in somewhat of a smooth flow. Some of this stuff may sound nothing like what you’ve heard from me, to you, but either it has a memory or emotion associated with it that is an influence, or there is some technical or musical aspect that has influenced me. A lot of the artists featured on this mix are people I know personally, whether through playing shows with them, or through connecting over the internet. I’m pleased to say that I know a lot of very talented individuals, and listening and being around it definitely has its influence. I hope you enjoy this mix, and I encourage you to check out some of the artists on here if you don’t already know them. I have a lot of new stuff that I am working on at the moment as well, so be sure to connect with me on SoundCloud or one of my other social media pages to stay tuned.”


1. Irregular Expression & Salad Czar – Baguette
2. h a s h i – untitled
3. Winter Inter – Smooth Boogie
4. Go Yama – Miniature Ponyo Souls
5. Nick Leng – Crawled Out of the Sea
6. TenLittleRabbits – Mystic
7. Shigeto – Detroit Part 1
8. Dünga –
9. Dayfade – Chances
10. Flying Lotus – Massage Situation
11. Free The Robots – Reflect and Reform
12. Great Dane – Blue & Green
13. Clams Casino – Bird Call
14. Captain Murphy – The Prisoner (prod. Teebs)
15. Lapalux – Guuurl
16. Kamandi and Polo – ♀
17. Gold Panda – Reprise (bsd.u edit)
18. Teebs – Shoouss Lullaby
19. Esta x Mike Gao x Bahwee – Lounge Burger
20. gabonano – The Harvest
21. DIBIA$E – cypher complete
22. L-TEC – Feeling You
23. Ed Ethics – No Alcohol
24. Luno – en gawd [deadxbeat]_
25. 18sense. – Day Job (prod. Sir Froderick)
26. Go Yama – Cowboy Bebop Christmas Fanfare
27. Irregular Expression – Setsuko
28. Nujabes – Reflection Eternal

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